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How to Purchase Prints, Books & Cards

Prints and/or books on all the pages this web site can be purchased directly from Tom either via email or over the telephone. We DO take PAYPAL, but you still need to e-mail with your purchase request -- we will then send you a PayPal INVOICE and once we receive your payment thru PayPal we will e-mail your expected delivery date and tracking # if you wish.

For email sales inquiries: please include the following information:

title of image (note if it is marked as "available")
your name
your shipping address
your telephone

If you want to pay by credit card, you may request a PAYPAL INVOICE; or send your credit card number (visa or mastercard ONLY) broken into two separate emails. In a third email, please include the expiration date and the billing address zip code.

Please NOTE: Business name on credit card receipts is: "Quail Press".

You may also telephone during business hours (leave a message with a good time to call you back if you get the message machine). 
Telephone: (415) 663-1516

Or you may send a check for the total (once you get it from Tom) to:

Tom Killion, PO Box 1028, Pt. Reyes, CA 94956

Prints are also available for purchase throughout the year at exhibitions and galleries listed on the Current & Upcoming Shows page.

Tom ships by U.S. Priority Mail. Unframed prints are packed in flat cardboard so they cannot be bent. Shipping/handling charges within the U.S. run from less than $10 for smallest prints in California to $15.00-$25.00 for larger prints shipped out-of-state, depending upon the size of the item.


Vicente Canyon, Big Sur

A few of Killion's most popular images that are no longer available as original woodcut prints (editions sold out; blocks cancelled/destroyed) are now available in Iris-Print or Giclée reproductions, greatly enlarged from the original size. "Iris Prints" were printed by an iris drum printer on archival rag paper using water-based inks by Art Press in Los Gatos, now out of business, only a few images are left in already created Iris editions. The Giclees are printed using industry standard Epson printer technology.  Enlargements are made utilizing digital files of the best image from the original woodcut edition. These enlarged images are nice for decorating big spaces. They retain the color saturation and line detail of the originals, and the effect of the enlargement is stunning as Killion's intricate lines read from much farther away than in the original prints. The iris prints and giclées are printed in a limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist.

Available IRIS-PRINT & GICLEE IMAGES are listed on the web pages below the original woodcut image which they are reproductions of. Price and Dimensions are those of the Giclee or Iris-Print. Note that the Iris-Print & Giclee images are only made AFTER the original woodcut images have sold-out. Many editions of Iris/Giclee prints are also sold out now. 


Twice a year you will receive a (paper) color postcard of new images from Tom Killion with a list of upcoming shows and events. Please note that this is a "snail" mail list and not an email list. The mailing list is never given to second parties - with the exception of galleries doing mailings for his shows.

Send us an email and include your name and postal (not email) mailing address to join this list!