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Miscellaneous Prints

Tom has produced many prints, posters and broadsides outside of the categories listed on this website. Here are a few examples.

Key to Abbreviations is at the bottom of this page.

Key to Printing History Terms is at the bottom of this page.


Copyright ©2015 Tom Killion.


Title: Quail
Image Size:9x12 inches
Printing History: Killion's first "serious" lino-cut print; block carved 1970 and unnumbered copies printed with waterbase inks. Edition of 50 plus 4 a.p.s printed 1973-75 (some with yellow block of 'Elephant Mountain' on skyline instead of red sun). Block destroyed. o.p.

Now available as limited edition giclee print reproduced in an edition of 75 (plus 2 a.p.s) from a restored copy of the only remaining original print. Image dimensions 9.5x12.5. 
Available as a Giclee Print Only
Price: $175.00
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Wild Iris
Wild Iris
Wild Iris

Copyright ©2015 Tom Killion.


Title: Wild Iris
Image Size:7x2.5 inches
Printing History: Three edition states with different colorings printed early 2007 along with special California Native Plant Soc. (CNPS) edition of 40 titled "Douglas Iris". First edition (pictured here) 100 plus 15 a.p.s; State II (slightly darker purple) 30 plus 9 a.p.s; State III w/ green iris leaves and reddish purple flowers, 20 plus 2 a.p.s. Out of print.
Out of print - not available

Lake Innisfree
Lake Innisfree
Lake Innisfree

Copyright ©2015 Tom Killion.


Title: Lake Innisfree
Image Size:9.5x13 inches
Printing History:  Commissioned by Joseph Phelps for Innisfree wine label, c.1986; all proofs and blocks owned by J. Phelps: o.p.
Out of print - not available

Girl with Earrings
Girl with Earrings
Girl with Earrings

Copyright ©2015 Tom Killion.


Title: Girl with Earrings
Image Size:10x7.5 inches
Printing History: Nominal edition of 50, only 12 printed c.1977 before block destroyed: o.p.
Out of print - not available

Key to Abbreviations:
All prints are signed and numbered in pencil; dimensions are of the actual image itself, not including signature or paper margins, given in inches, height before width.
a.p. = artist's proofs (where color experiments are made before edition is pulled)
b.p. = book proofs (pages from handprinted books that were never bound in and are now sold separately as signed prints)
o.p. = out-of-print
w.p. = working proofs (have serious flaws or odd color variations)

Key to Printing History Terms:
1. "Multi-block reduction (cut) prints" are limited to one edition as blocks are destroyed in the printing process (see Technique page).
2. Editions: Second editions (II) of other multi-color prints involve recutting of color blocks and consequent variations in the final image. Some of the single color prints have been issued in multiple small editions with touch-up recutting ("cleaning-up") of blocks, but no significant changes in the printed image. With the exception of "Wave", "Seaweed" and "Mt. Tam from Wolfe Grade", no more than 350 prints (total of all editions and a.p.s) have been issued of any print.
3. "Giclées": Killion's digital reproductions are created with new generation "iris print" technology that enables the images to be printed on all-rag watercolor paper. All Killion's "giclée" prints are larger-size than the original woodcuts and have only been created after the woodcut editions have sold out (see information in How to Purchase Prints). All other Killion prints are handprinted by the artist from his original hand cut blocks.